Studio Wypkje Dijk                                                                       

Since 1993 I am a silk painter,working with colors is a permanent discovery.                          I'm often inspired by nature, but it can also be wallpaper in an old hotel. 





The characteristic of the work from Atelier Wypkje is the warm and intense use of colour.

The high quality and the shine of this  Tubular-knit woven silk makes it to a beautifull and sustainable product . The silk scarfs are  steam fixated.

 It can be worn as shawl, see the picture at the bottom right. This scarfs can be worn as headscarf for people with hair loss caused by chemotherapy , they can also be used as protection against the heat of the Sun in tropical countries. Silk is very soft for the skin. By the knit fabric  is the scarf stretchable

and easy to  customize.                                                                     

On the button colours you can see the collection which  can be ordered. 

the cost for a scarf  are

€29,- shipping costs are € 3,95 in Holland   

€39,- including  shipping costs to countries out off Holland 

Use the contact form for information and your wishes.   


tel nr; 0615563170

Or send a message to 


With kind regards Wypkje